Officials Returning Call

Grading V.I.P.s call-backs

Do they return your calls?

How has your history been?

Let me know.

    Over the years I have had many contacts with elected officials and public persons. I have noticed that there exists a great disparity at when they returned my calls, or not at all, if they were busy or in the office away from the office when I called. I have tried to be as fair as possible. My score is not based on any few calls or a few attempted contacts. It’s based on the length of time over  (or at least 10 calls)that I have tried calling the person or had dealings or tried to have dealings with that

Your score could be a lot different than mine. You could have a better or worse relationship.


Darryl Rouson A+

Hillsb State Attorney(& Admin) A 

Hillsb Family & Aging Services A+

Tampa Mayor's Ofc B-

2012 Republican Convention F
(Media person Belinda Cook)

Barry Cohen A+  Thomas Scott A+

Kenny Rushing F-

William Daniel / US Atty Ofc F

Ken Hagan A+      Robert Blount D-

Hillsb Sheriff Dept. A+
(Admin & Jail) 

Warren Dawson F 

Pastor Favorite A+  Candy Lowe A

Public Defenders Office A+ 

Carolyn Collins C  Bruce Miles F-

Kevin Beckner A+      Kevin White B

Sen.Jim Norman A+    Tony Collins F

Sandra Murman A       Les Miller A+

Gwen Miller D-      Willie Dixon A+

Mark Sharpe A         Debbie Cox A

Rob Turner A       April Griffin C-

Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections A       

County Attorney Office B

Valarie Goddard D- Iva Carter D- 

Sen. Bill Nelson B

Al Higginbotham A   Victor Crist A

Rose Ferlita A    RoseMary Stiles A

Sen. Arthenia Joyner D- 

Betty Reed B-

Department of Corrections  A+
(Admin & Probations)

Police Chief Jane Castor  A(Admin/Patrol)

Major Gerald Honeywell B 

Pat Frank(+ Admin) A

Judge Dominguez A   Bob Buckhorn A

Janet Cruz D-  Joe Redner A+  

Judge Heinrich A      Pam Bondi C-

Ed Turanchik F-    Dick Greco A    

Ed Johnson B-        Don Kruse A 

Doretha Edgecomb B
Curtis Strokes C    Brian Blair A+

Frank Reddick B     Eric Seidel D-       
Michelle Patty B  Jarvis El-Amin A+

Carl Warren C    Dianne Hart A+    

Josh Burgin A     Chloe Coney A+ 

Alex Sink outreach(Linda Smart) A+ 

Norman Campbell A  Kevin Ambler B
Rep. Shawn Harrison F-

Richard Dembo A+  Julian Garcia A+ 

Rep. Cathy Castor D-
VA Hosp Tampa/ Public Relations F
    I recognize and understand the hectic daily lives of officials and public persons. Often these busy people have to prioritize their responding to the many calls. But certainly within a span of 36 hours is enough time to make the effort to return calls and emails.

    I must admit that my media associations, Confederate Southern Heritage cause and personality conflicts could have effects in the scoring assigned to certain individuals. I don’t know what the response time will be for the average citizen?
    The score does not reflect at all the level of satisfaction I received when contact was made.
I will take public comments and amend this list and scoring from time to time. This grading is that of my own is not scientific or measured from a data base. 

    ... But... just but, it could be one of these reasons why V.I.P.s get poor grades:

1. They just don't like me. Just say so and I will stop calling you?

2. Blind arrogance and ego tripping?

3. Lack of understanding the importance of effective communications?

4. They just don't care about anything except their titles or positions?

A: The Official/public person or top staffers were present and took the call, or they returned the call or directly within 3 hours or less. They even returned my calls after hours / or when they were out of town to make sure my call was returned.

B: The Official/public person or top staffers returned call or direct email within 12 hours.

C: The Official/ public person or top staffers returned call or direct email within 48 hours or more with a repeat call from me.

D: The Official/public person or top staffers returned call after 72 hours after repeated calls / or it took considerable repeated calls to get a response. Most / all of the time it was not the official or public person returning the call.

F:   The Official/public person or top staffer did not return repeated calls for about 95% or more of the time. Or the official/ public person has NEVER returned any of my calls.

 Automatic email responses do not count in this poll survey.   













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